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The Origins of the UN

First, a short quiz:

Six Shockers!

1. The first Secretary General of the UN was a U.S. citizen who was also a:

a. movie star b. rodeo cowboy
c. Soviet spy d. war-hero pilot

2. A UN "peacekeeping" mission in the Congo in 1961 included bombing of:

a. camel cavalry b. hospitals
c. nuclear labs d. diamond mines

3. Since the UN was founded in 1945, how many new wars have erupted?

a. 7 b. 29
c. 53 d. 140

4. In 1961, the U.S. State Department published a plan to turn over to the UN:

a. U.S. patents b. all U.S. weapons
c. surplus food d. U.S. treaty power

5. Of the first 14 UN Undersecretaries who controlled the UN's military, all 14 were:

a. communists b. heads of state
c. generals d. ambassadors

6. A July, 2001 UN conference had as its ultimate goal the worldwide seizure of:

a. bootlet CD's b. exotic animals
c. civilian guns d. drug labs


1. c. Alger Hiss served as Secretary General at the UN's founding; he was also a key author of the UN Charter. In 1948, he was exposed as a Soviet spy.

2. b. The savage attack on the peaceful Congo province of Katanga included the UN aerial bombing of hospitals and many other defenseless civilian targets.

3. d. Since "man's best hope for peace" was founded, there have been over 140 wars. Our two no-win wars, Korea and Vietnam (via SEATO), had UN roots.

4. b. State Department Document 7277 calls for a three-stage disarmament after which America would be left with only "internal security forces" - no military!

5. a. Communists! At the UN's founding, it was agreed that the Undersecretary for Political and Security Council Affairs would be chosen by the Soviet Union.

6. c. The UN conference on "Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons…" was a step toward taking guns from civilians in all countries - including the USA!


That's right, folks! The United Nations is a Soviet communist creation and is still working towards establishing worldwide democracy! If that doesn't bother you, you've somehow managed to get to this page in our website without reading the definition of democracy (something you should remedy right now!)

What is the solution? Well, how about we just plain cease having anything to do with the United Nations, including subsidizing them in their effort to destroy us! Sounds simple enough to me!


Most politicians in public office right now are career politicians, so they're concerned about getting BACK in office. If you join with like-minded individuals - in light of the form of government we want here in America - then you can work together synergystically to create that "wind" that this type of politician always has his finger in - testing to see which way that political "wind" is blowing. You can have a measurable effect if you engage in a concerted effort to generate that political "wind".

So, by banding together with an organization that already has a strategy and set of tactics in place, you can help to generate that wind and, more importantly, reach other Americans who know something is "not quite right" and point them in directions that will help educate them to our common plight. By following the link in the "Get US Out!" graphic, above, you can connect with like-minded individuals who can provide some guidance - which you are of course free to accept or reject. We trust you to do your own research.

If you're still not clear on the need for America to get out of the United Nations and also send them packing back to Moscow, you can find more information at the following link:


Now, if your main concern right now is to preserve your second amendment rights, consider the following: There are several really good pro-gun organizations and several really bad anti-gun organizations that claim to be "pro-gun" but who are using your contributions, your membership dues - to disarm you. You might not believe it now, but if you do the proper research, you will uncover the same facts that we did.

First, however, you should understand the concept of "collectivism" thoroughly. Then, you'll have the ability to spot the frauds.