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Specifications/Requirements - Rule of Law for Software Development

This page provides a few examples of how requirements unfold into product - through models - that describe the translation of those requirements into concrete software artifacts, maintaining seed concepts from inception through germination to fruition.  In this way, the requirements are preserved through all phases of development because they are linked all the way through the various models/views - to the product.  This is the only way to get a product right the first time, thus saving large amounts of re-work due to lack of documented communication.  In terms of a legal contract, this is how an agreement between stakeholder and developer can be fulfilled.

The project is "AgniDirect".  It is an example of a DoD (Department of Defense)-oriented application, one that helps direct fire onto a target with light artillery - namely a .50 caliber sniper rifle.  The documentation shows how the requirements model - which details the things the shooter must do to be on target - is connected to the activity model, which reveals how the application is structured, it reveals its basic architecture. 

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If you continue to follow the links on the pages opened from the initial use case (hyperlink, above), you can follow the entire thread of documentation available for this project.  Note that if you click on the "Range Object" use case in the actual document (opened through the hyperlink), you will see that the use case "Range Object" is linked to the detailed flow of that use case.