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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.





























The Second Amendment, Crucial to YOUR Freedom!

If you choose to remain a single-issue freedom fighter and choose to wage battle over only the second amendment, we can recommend:

We know that the second amendment is becoming ever more of a keystone to restoring Constitutional Rule of Law and our Republic, the way things are going. This is a good issue on which to concentrate. However, we need to go after the big money that's BACKING all the little anti-gun groups that spring up in their unceasing effort to strip us of our arms and make our status as slaves official. (Remember that free men own arms, slaves do not!) So, we prefer to concentrate our efforts at the root level problem of which the attack on our second amendment rights is only a symptom. Still, the true second amendment proponents need your help. As long as we're all working to a common goal...

Although we believe the founding fathers - George Washington in particular - were right about intervention in the affairs of foreign nations and that we should avoid that at all costs (free trade yes, meddling - no), we recommend JPFO. They are Americans, first, then Jewish and they know that if the Palestinians had arms equivalent to those of the Israeli forces, the conflict would be at a stalemate and many lives would be saved. We support JPFO's efforts because they understand the equation between arms and freedom. They also understand that the main thrust to disarm Americans is being driven by the minions in and behind the United Nations. So, the way we see it, once you do your research via JPFO and the learned authors who publish there, you may join the effort to attack the root of the problem by helping us to rid our nation of the sovereignty-destroying, usurping, communist United Nations - directly. Either way, there is much work to be done and as long as you are effective - working in concert with others - you are doing your duty as an American.

GOA is the no-compromise gun lobby. As of yet, we've detected no high-level "moles" in that organization, unlike other organizations that are infested with all kinds of Trotskyite neocon socialists and other collectivists who have taken the helm of those organizations and steered them to the shores of the "disarmament crowd", our domestic enemies. The largest and worst of these kinds of organizations (a UN "NGO" or non-government organization who must "play" by UN rules...) will remain unmentioned, so for now, support these two true "pro-gun" organizations linked above if you'd rather not get involved in the main battle.

Another good organization you will want to investigate is As a second-amendment-oriented newssite and forum for discussions about fundamental, inalienable rights, it has no peers.

Remember, if we don't win on the education front, we may find the need to present an armed front.

Details on Colorado's Senate Bill 03-025 (Preemption of the Denver "assault weapons" ban) available here.