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The United Nations wants to take your GUN!

We strongly endorse community initiatives…
to encourage the disarming of civilians…"

-- Our Global Neighborhood, published in 1995 by the
UN-funded Commission on global Governance

Are You Concerned that the United Nations:

1. Is anti-gun?

A UN disarmament film, Armed to the Teeth, states that only those guns that are "used by armies and police forces to protect us" can be considered "legal." On the other hand, privately owned firearms are portrayed as a pestilence: "small arms are not fussy about the company they keep. They can murder indiscriminately… Small arms are like uninvited house guests who won't leave. Once they take over a country, they are virtually impossible to get rid of." The anti-gun statue at UN Headquarters in New York City accurately reflects the organization's anti-gun bias.

2. Has already disarmed civilian populations?

A 1999 UN "Small Arms" report approvingly noted a number of gun control measures in various countries, including weapons turn-in and destruction programs. UN forces have already been used to disarm civilian populations in Kosovo, Haiti, and Somalia. This same policy is likely to be implemented here- if our leaders continue to transfer more power to the UN.

3. Plans to disarm civilians as part of its program to disarm nations?

The UN-funded Commission on Global Governance (CGG) called for civilian as well as international disarmament programs in a 1995 report entitled Our Global Neighborhood. In the chapter "Promoting Security," the CGG claimed: "Militarization today not only involves governments spending more than necessary to build up their military arsenals. It has increasingly become a global societal phenomenon, as witnessed by the rampant acquisition and use of increasingly lethal weapons by civilians- whether individuals seeking a means of self-defense, street gangs, criminals, political opposition groups, or terrorist organizations." Note that civilians "seeking a means of self-defense" constitute a security threat- just like "street gangs" or "criminals." In 1997 UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan endorsed a "Small Arms" report that defined small arms to include such weapons as "revolvers and self-loading pistols" and "rifles and carbines."

4. Threatens to abolish the Second Amendment?

The 1997 UN "Small Arms" report recommended that "All States [nations] should ensure that they have in place adequate laws, regulations and administrative procedures to exercise effective control over the legal possession of small arms…" So much for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!

Global Gungrabbers on the Move!

"So quietly that even the gun lobby hasn't noticed, the United Nations is beginning to set its sights on global gun control."

-- Associated Press, May 24, 1994

Some progress is already being made as States [nations] tighten their arms export legislation and collect and destroy surplus weapons."

-- UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his 2000 Report to the General Assembly

"States [nations] emerging from conflicts should, as soon as practicable, impose or reimpose licensing requirements on all civilian possession of small arms and light weapons…"

-- 1997 UN "Panel of Governmental Experts on Small Arms" report