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A Question of Civilian Intelligence - the Whole Enchilada

Folks keep asking how the President and Congress can be so stupid where our ports, borders and foreign policy are concerned. I either hear or read these questions daily and just shake my head in disbelief that folks haven’t put this “picture” together when all its components are in plain view.

I guess it boils down to this. Good Americans find it nearly impossible to believe that our Constitutional Republic is gone and that our government is no longer a representative government where our elected officials are accountable to the people, that they are in fact working for a non-American, even an anti-American agenda for globalist socialists who want to create a communist utopia (which, historically has always turned into a complete horror…) across the face of the globe.

They are befuddled that our courts are filled with communist judges and communist NLG lawyers who continually “reinvent” the constitution, undermining it each step of the way and with each breath they take, citing the need to “consult” international law because our Constitution is so “outmoded”, which is really just an excuse to make inroads for the United Nations ICC (International Criminal Court). The large majority of American people are not yet grasping why our border patrol is being told to “stand down” and refuse aid to American patriots like the Minutemen who are the last line of defense where Constitutional Rule of Law is applied to the defense of our nation at our borders. They are confused as to why we still support the United Nations when that organization has been so clearly revealed as the corrupt, corrosive drain on this nation a communist-founded international organization can possibly be, what with the makeup of the so-called “security council” and the “council on human rights”. The United Nations was founded by Soviet agents in this country and its intent from the beginning was to undermine our sovereign nation, but we are told it is about “world peace”. Fourteen of the seventeen top delegates to the founding UN conference were later found out to be Soviet spies, the leader – Alger Hiss being actually convicted as such. I bet you didn’t read THAT in “social[-ist] studies”, did you?

Simply put, it appears the American people can easily believe a big lie when it serves to undermine our vanishing Constitutional Republic, but have trouble believing a “Big Truth” that this country is under attack from the entire Marxist world, that this attack has been orchestrated by people in our own presidency, congress and judiciary who have infiltrated and risen to positions of power where they may ply their treasonous trade, which is to destroy this government of the people, by the people for the people where government is the servant, not a fearsome master. It seems times have changed and self-government is out of fashion, especially since it is so under-utilized.

Our elected traitors’ allegiance is to the globalists who promise “justice”, “equality”, “security” and a chicken in every pot – while simultaneously stating the need to reduce the earth’s population to 10% of it’s current. Anyone with the barest grasp of history realizes what happens when power - even on a national level – is consolidated and that nation's economy “tanks”. Over 170 million people have died at the hands of their own government in the last 100 or so years, but they think that a “global government” run by so-called “compassionate conservatives” will be different, that it will NEVER resort to genocide or democide, that we will become part of something like Star Trek’s “Federation”. Well, in Hitler’s Germany, the German people were sold that very same bill of goods, that the Jewish people were miserable and that it would be “compassionate” to “euthanize” them (after euthanizing the retarded and birth-defected and before euthanizing the Christians).

Well, folks, that picture should be coming into focus right now. If you’ll put down that beer, turn off that ballgame and pay attention for a few minutes, you will see what is going on about you. At that point you should ask yourself whether you’re part of the problem or part of the solution. If you’re so engrossed in that ballgame you can’t be bothered, you’ve already answered that question because it is clear the campaign to neutralize you with “bread and circuses” or with some other form of social engineering has succeeded, just as it did with the Romans. If, on the other hand you decide to decry our situation and you write a letter or two, but do not go out, get in shape and find a CIVILIAN defense force or state militia to train with – you are STILL part of the problem. You see, we have let things go so far (or, actually YOU have…) that there may be only one recourse left, and that is to uphold the constitutional rule of law IN SPITE of our corrupted, hijacked and infiltrated institutions which have been turned against us. Whether you and your children live in liberty and are masters of government rather than living as serfs – may now depend on whether you’re willing to risk all. If you leave it up to everyone else – may you get the government you deserve (…, may your chains rest lightly upon you and may our posterity forget ye were our countrymen).

Obviously, I am not advocating vigilante justice, carried out outside Constitutional constraints. If you join a Constitutional unit and commit an act that qualifies as unconstitutional – you will be brought up on charges and dealt with SUMMARILY. No, I am recommending that we form our own fully-informed and highly trained units to carry out the law under our Constitution, that we bring to justice those traitors who have snuck up from behind our nation whilst we slept - and cut lady liberty’s throat. By now, you should be piecing together the following:

The people behind the “Open Borders” lobby, funded by the Marxist Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations who channel millions of pesos to Marxist street units like LaRaza, MeCha and other similar “Aztlan” armies – are indirectly, but completely in control of our government. The recent Bush visit to the border at Yuma Arizona and pledges to “secure” our borders are pure smoke up your keester. Already, the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) agreement is in full defacto legal force and the UN’s “North American Community” document details how that will work. Bush is merely using the “two steps forward, one step back” tactic that will lull the majority of overfed, entertainment-addicted narcissist Americans back to sleep so that the globalists may continue unabated at a later time. This is merely a delaying tactic to keep the somnambulant masses on board the “Republican” “dream” for the next election, never mind that it is well-documented and widely-known that Bush and company are of the opinion that nation-states are obsolete.

All this is being done under the guise of “compassionate conservatism” which is the communist left’s latest euphemism for “redistribution of wealth” which normal, plain-speaking Americans identify more clearly as “theft by government proxy” – outside Constitutionally-defined powers of government, the form of which is designed to ensure personal liberty – including the right to keep the fruit of one’s labor. That line, “compassionate conservatism”, of course sucks in the self-proclaimed “Christians” who BELIEVE (hallelujah!!!!!!) that Bush is a good, moral Christian man, rather than the reality which, clearly revealed, shows he’s a neocon, a card-carrying Trotskyite globalist communist. That’s a major success of the Marxist National Council of Churches under their charter which is held by the World Council of Churches, the globalist communist “Christian” organization that has wrapped their Marxism in the mantle of religion – exactly the same way that Islamists (Muslim Marxists) have cloaked themselves as followers of Islam, the way they were taught by their Soviet masters when under occupation of the Soviet Union, who supplied all their weapons systems from AK 47’s to Migs. The NCC has brainwashed many conservatives who are now carrying out a communist agenda, part of which is to support our “compassionate conservative” leader in the white house. These so-called “conservatives” are nothing but willing tools, a.k.a. “useful idiots” who wouldn’t recognize a Christian if the man himself came down and put a sandal up their butts – thanks to the National Council of Churches and the National Education Association which has produced the most unthinking, gullible, compliant bunch of un-American third world rubes on the face of the planet.

If you read official, published Soviet policy on religion or even the 45 agenda points of the Communist Party USA, you’ll see that this is a formal treatment of religion, intended to undermine it such that there is no higher power above the state – wherefrom rights might be granted. No God, no rights, right? Instead, communized, collectivized religion is a replacement, a Marxist tool to subjugate people under the state – and Jorge Bush is using that mantle of “compassionate conservatism” to snooker the remaining Christians who aren’t yet on board with “Uncle Karl’s Christian Church” to support the neocon (formerly social democrat, formerly Trotskyite communist) – run hijacked Republican party. If you check, you’ll find that this use of religion under Marxism – is exactly parallel to what is provided for under the United Nations Charter, the very one that says “exercise of these rights can in no way run contrary to the will of the United Nations”, thus placing global government above the reach of citizens (who will actually be serfs at this point) who will be left with no recourse as to redress of grievances, they being now stripped of representative government.

Is a picture forming yet, boys and girls, or did someone just ground out at second base?
Are we finally connecting Jorge Bush with his globalist communist masters in his daddy’s “New World Order”, a “new world order” where there are no borders, there are no nation-states, there is no private property, there are no individual, inalienable rights and only the prospect of “compassionately conservative”- administered democidal “euthanasia” after you and all “non-compliants” (however they choose to define them at that particular time) are rounded up?

I guess most Americans would rather live on their knees than go out on their feet. But, that’s probably because they forget what they will be required to do while on their knees. Does the phrase “squeal like a piggy” bring anything to mind about now? How about the phrase, “You have a real purty mouth”? No? Then you should rent “Deliverance” with Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight and Ned Beatty. Well, this form of “deliverance” ala the globalist communist body of the UN – or their masters – will come in the form of deliverance from life in absolute servitude via the only mechanism that will be available at that time, which is state-sanctioned and executed “euthanasia”. Suicide on one’s own behalf will NOT be permitted and all implements with which one might “lay their final burden down” of their own will and volition will be state controlled. Only “useless mouths”, those useless to the state – will be permitted the release of death and only under the sanction and direction of the state – all when the elites discover there is a shortage of caviar that they can trace to the whining masses whose last crop was confiscated in it’s entirety and they became too weak to fish for sturgeon.

“Oh, but our government would NEVER do anything like THAT, would they?”, you ask. I have two words for you on that. Adolph Hitler. (Two more words: Josef Stalin. Another pair of words: Hillary Clinton.) I’m sure the German people thought this “enlightened” leader of the “new world order” would NEVER do anything like that! In fact, Leni Reifenstal and Josef Goebbels sold the idea to the German people that it was ultimately “compassionate” to relieve the Jews of their lives as inferior, suffering Jews, that Hitler was a god with divinely-inspired compassion for them.

Ever think about the Terri Schiavo story and how that played out? Ever wonder why congress stayed out of that case? Well, they were setting a precedent. By now you should be realizing that our government could care less about individual liberty because they could care less about an individual’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness, including our right to self-defense, or the defense of others who are incapable of defending themselves. That’s why the New Orleans PD went around confiscating individual firearms after Hurricane Katrina leveled the “Big Easy”. They wanted to see if they would get away with it. So far, they have. In fact, the American people are the ONLY REMAINING IMPEDIMENT to their “New World Order”, and the NWO is now laying their final plan to route us, using any and all fronts they can, including this massive illegal immigration, the interminable, perpetual war against “EastAsia” which also helps to bankrupt our country and undermine our financial markets, threats of a “public health” (ala “bird flu”) crisis and the goad of “terrorism”.

We are in the final stages, people. Whether triggered by an economic collapse via the private, globalist-controlled federal reserve which centrally plans and controls our economy under the direction of the globalist “elites” or whether Marxist Mexican guerrillas on the street start riots and burn cars as did the Islamists in Paris, or North Korean communist-weaponized bird flu takes hold in the American population, an Islamist communist suitcase nuke (which they acquired from the Soviet communists) goes off in the US or the American people merely “throw the bums out” and elect either Trotskyite communist “Republicans” or Stalinist communist Democrats to public office in the 2006 elections - something will trigger the executive branch to institute martial law. Then what will you do? Bend over? Get on your knees? Or will you get on your knees AND bend over?

Say the Stalinist communists reach majority status after the elections this year and they both impeach Bush and remove him from office. Is there any doubt the real record of what happened with Peter Paul, Ron Brown, Vince Foster or the Chinese will be expunged in preparation for rule by “Hitlery” Hillary Clinton, the card-carrying communist wife of our latest communist ex-president, Bill Clinton? Would it make any difference if we elect a Trotskyite communist to office?

Well, look what’s happened under Bush II while you were not f%#^&ng paying attention! I voted for the lesser of evils TWICE and still ended up with evil! How about that? That’s because the globalists are choosing the candidates who run for office and they haven’t chosen an American to run for office since before Lincoln. Why? Because they want to plunder the most productive, creative people on the earth – and they have to cover their tracks when they’ve plundered us into bankruptcy and we rebel. So, they have to get “help” from the so-called “international community” to control us when we come to the realization that we’ve been raped in addition to being robbed. Could that be why we’re supporting the United Nations, so that the elites can execute an “escape plan” when it all comes a tumbling down? Do they intend to hit us with UN troops – supplied with our own tax dollars and currently stationed in Iraq where they are gaining TONS of MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) experience? You know it’s funny how we have this campaign to “Get US Out of the United Nations” when we ARE the United Nations. At least, our elitist, globalist, “insider” leadership who meet as the round table group – the Council on Foreign Relations – are.

Even before our war for Independence from Great Britain was concluded, the loyalists, so-called “Tories” formed the round table groups (with the help of Cecil Rhodes) with the intent that despite the outcome either way of the War for Independence, the United States would eventually be captured yet again by the elites in the British Empire, the Old World Order of its time. You remember from “social[-ist] studies” (or perhaps “geography” or “history”) how it was always said that the pilgrims came to the New World to escape the despotism of the Old World (Europe)? Well, it seems the Old World, particularly the “Old World Order” followed us. In fact, they were among us and sided with the British in our struggle for independence. Well, many of the Tories who survived that fracas conspired with people in another “Round Table Group” which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs – to undermine our independence as a nation, to in effect repeal the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution which followed it. These very same people fell in with Fabian Socialists – who adopted gradualism and incrementalism as a tactic to socially engineer us out of our individual liberties in favor of the “new (communist) man” whose only concern was for his fellows, not himself. Sounds just like “compassionate conservatism”, doesn’t it? Is a man whose only concern is for the welfare of others concerned about his inalienable rights?

Well, the people behind the campaign to merge us with the rest of the hemisphere on the way to merging the entire globe under their rule – are the ideological descendents of the very Tories and other assorted Soviet, Chinese, Central and South American elitist communists who formed and now attend the meetings and strategy sessions of the main American round table group, the CFR - which was founded by traitors to the United States that have been working for the demise of this nation as it was founded by our forefathers – from the get go. Bush and many members of congress are with them and they are in charge. How’s THAT for an eye-opener? Is there enough “heat” for you to see the “light” now?

This immigration bill CIRA S. 2611 must be SHOVED back down the throat of Bush and the elites, just for starters. This human wave of Marxist Mexican troops must not be allowed to establish base camps on our soil, any more than they already have. We must also dismantle their forward “lines” and send them back to Uncle Vicente. Maybe he can work out a deal with Uncle Fidel along the lines of the one Uncle Joe used on the Ukranians.

Additionally, we must TURN OUT every single Marxist out of office in our next elections. Certainly, Mexico is looking to put a Marxist in the president’s office in Mexico City in the next two months. Watch for that. But, with Marxists in office in American government, how do you think things will go with immigration when Mexico becomes openly Marxist at the top? Can you say, “Goodbye, individual liberties, hello globalist communist NWO?”

Do you know what the UN stance on guns is? How about Mexico’s? They are one and the same. It goes something like this: “We mustn’t let the slaves have guns, mustn’t we? Our subjects must be EASY to kill when we decide we don’t like them, and we should be able to have one of our groups kill them without using any bullets at all. Say we give them machetes like we did for the Hutus and the Tutsis?” Can you say “Mara Salvatruchas”, boys and girls?

You’d better get busy, people. If you think you’ll be left alone when these people take charge because you did NOTHING, you are mistaken. Your whole world is about to change and traitors have respect from NEITHER camp!

Work to turn out ALL globalist collectivists (communist, Nazi, fascist, democratic) out of office. When a RINO is in office and you can put in a constitutionalist, vote for the US Constitution. When a RINO (Trotskyite) is in office and there is only a Stalinist running to replace him, vote in the Stalinist just to send the message to the “Party of Jesus” that they need to come to Jesus. There may be no net gain, but at least you’ve informed the so-called Republicans where they stand with you - and all the uninformed Republican rubes will also know that they have a communist in office instead of a stealth communist their own party elected. When a Constitution Party candidate is running, vote for that one, but don't vote merely by party. Make sure you KNOW the Constitution Party candidate is the real deal. A favorite trick of our enemy is to infiltrate and then hijack our institutions, especially political parties. Also, concentrate your efforts locally. You cannot any longer effect national elections unless they be for your congressman and then again, you may be fighting a corrupt state party like the one in Colorado. It’s almost to the point where the elites control elections all the way down to the state level – as they did in Colorado when Schaffer and Coors had a runoff.

Watch for vote fraud. Demand voting machines that issue receipts. Until those are in place, you’ll have to keep a watchful eye. Remember what Stalin said about voting. “It’s not who people vote for that matters. What matters is who is counting the votes.” Well, the commies who are attempting to run all the elections know this. I’ve seen it firsthand with the Pete Coors campaign at the state convention. It is widely known that he stole that primary, that there never should have BEEN a primary.

Get ready for the gun grab. If they come after our guns – in any way – it is time to throw down. It was good enough for the men at Lexington, it should be reason enough for you. If they take our guns – it is over. Free men own guns, slaves do not. It’s that simple and your elected representatives should know that. Make the cowards use nukes or bio-weapons - delivered by their surrogates. Any attempt to disarm law-abiding (Constitutional law, that is) citizens is an attempt to enable criminals, particularly those in office.

Either get with or form your OWN State militia or guard unit and train! Even if it’s just YOU, train! History reveals that the pen is rarely mightier than the sword when dealing with absolutely corrupt entrenched power. The “pen” only has an effect with reasonable people. Our founding fathers issued petitions, writs and any/all forms of written entreaties to King George III, to no avail and they finally had to take up arms when General Gage sent troops to confiscate a cache of muskets, rifles, powder and ball at Concord. Georgie would not listen to reason, so we had to kick his ass. That’s the way it’s almost always been done, throughout history. Reason doesn’t work against raw power. Two separate and non-communicating regions of the brain handle each. The elites are ruled by that part of the brain concerned with power and cannot recognize reason in it’s pure cortical form. A brain seated in power will only use intelligence (reasoning) as it suits the quest for more power. This isn’t true intelligence, it’s known as cunning. Learn to recognize the difference. Words and actions must match and the words must reflect American, not collectivist principles which are rooted in fight/flight/survival principles that only consider power and control – both of which are opposed to liberty and freedom. So, prepare for the worst. In the history of the world, that is the most common outcome. We were granted only a brief respite from that, courtesy of our founders whom we’ve let down.

Do the recon, but don’t do it in the open.

January 8, 2008 update: The Orwellian "perpetual" war being waged in the Middle East, is a tactic intended to destroy the United States of America. Already, the international bankers who run the military industrial complex - have put in place a system whereby the American people will be slaves to a perpetual debt - via our centrally planned and controlled economy which we understand as the fractional-reserve system of the NOT-so-Federal (private. Yes. you read that. Private) Federal Reserve and IRS - which coerces income tax from us all at the point of a gun. Through this system, the buying power of our dollars is being systematically destroyed through not-so-invisible inflation - because the elites are creating "money" (only currency, actually) out of thin air while collecting REAL INTEREST from loans of said funny money, thus devaluing our currency while they become more wealthy and powerful.

If you don't understand these concepts, there is a video that will bring you up to speed in a hurry: Watch the video "Money as Debt" and you will begin to understand...