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The Engineered Destruction of America

When the so-called “North American Community” officially comes into being, and the United States of America ceases to exist as a sovereign nation, what will happen to your rights? Do you believe that these so-called “free trade” agreements have anything to do with free trade, or is what we had before the addition of this extra layer of government more in keeping with “free trade”?

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last ten years, NAFTA, GATT-WTO, CAFTA and FTAA have all been sold as free trade agreements that are purported to consolidate North America into a “free trade” zone. However, since all these agreements represent more government, it is reasonable to conclude that what these agreements are really about is a centrally planned and controlled economy – on a regional level. If you’re a recent high school or college graduate, that probably doesn’t mean much to you right now, but you’ll come to understand the connection shortly.

If we lose our status as an independent, sovereign nation and our constitution gives way to a regional or global document like the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the only remaining system of government of the people, by the people for the people – will be gone. Gone will be that form of government where the people are master and government the servant. Gone will be government by free, sovereign individuals who govern themselves under the premise that they have inalienable rights, granted them by their creator. In it’s place will be yet another authoritarian state whose people are it’s subjects to which that government may or may not grant the privilege of continued access to oxygen.

You see, the American Way assumes that rights are bestowed by a creator. So, under that premise, government may not violate those rights, being inferior to the people and to their creator. Not so in the inverse, where government becomes the master and the people inferior to it. Under that type of system, the government decides what the people can and cannot do in their daily lives. That means the government is total because it rules over all facets of an individual’s life. This is the definition of totalitarianism.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties have worked to make this come about. They are selling us wholesale into slavery. In a centrally planned and controlled economy, where all facets of your life are determined by the totalitarian state, your economic choices will be fixed. Both parties have already put the apparatus in place for that to happen, the two parties being but two sides of the same totalitarian ruse, a sham cooked up by our would-be totalitarian masters to keep us engaged in an “us vs. them” shell game that only serves to further their “superior” vision for the world, a world where a nation of free, independent, self-governing people with inalienable rights doesn’t exist.

That’s right. The Republican party is a funnel, designed to accumulate funding to the same set of elitist “insiders” that could run in either party – interchangeably. As George W Bush has shown us, the Republican party apparatus put his big-government neo-conservative Trotskyite socialist self in office. While you may work locally as a precinct committeeman or block worker, connecting people to various campaigns for Republican candidates, the party apparatus uses your efforts – and the funding that funnels into the party coffers as a result – to elect whom they will, and those winning candidates are ALWAYS globalist socialist “free traders” who share the same agenda, which is to rule us all.



True conservatives – who understand inalienable rights, limited government, economic independence, self-reliance, responsibility, sovereignty and liberty – should reject the Republican party, whose machinations are designed to serve the insiders. Like the One Ring in “The Lord of the Rings”, this apparatus cannot be wielded by conservatives to further conservative goals. Like the One Ring, an apparatus designed to consolidate power can only be used toward consolidation of more power, the very opposite of freedom. We cannot use the enemy’s “weapon” against him. We therefore should not seek to infiltrate the Republican party in order to turn it from the inside. All our efforts to do so will only strengthen the party’s power at the top, which they will use to undo our nation. “The One Ring serves only one master, and he does not share power”.

A more concrete example may be appropriate, here. Say you want merely to connect homeowners and small businessmen with the party so that only good constitutionalist, American candidates are selected to run for office. What happens is that money flows into the party from those individuals. However, that money is used for purposes other than what was intended by the party’s supporters, those homeowners and small businessmen. Take the Bob Schaffer/Pete Coors debacle of the last general election. Bob Schaffer was clearly out front and only narrowly missed the chance to move forward without a primary. Those of us at the State Convention witnessed the so-called “voting irregularities” and knew that shenanigans were afoot. After the final recount and the revelation that someone was cheating – the two candidates were bound for the primary, with Bob Schaffer in a nearly 33% lead over Coors. Then Coors wins the primary and becomes the US Senate candidate for the Republicans. With the popularity of Bob Schaffer and his clear lead over Coors, how did Coors come to be the candidate? Was the primary fixed? Many suspect so. They suspect so because they did not change their votes when voting in the primary.

Pete Coors was selected by the globalist elites in the Colorado State Republican party hierarchy. Pete Coors lost to the communist Ken Salazar, and then promptly merged the Coors brewing company with Molson of Canada. No tendency towards globalism there, right? So, is Coors/Molson (or whatever they’re calling it) an American company, a Canadian company or what? How about a “North American Community” company?

On the supposed “other side” are the Democrats, who should drop the pretense and finally reveal their true identity, as a branch of the CPUSA. Openly Marxist and anti-American, the Democrats (and their legal apparatchiks in the Anti-American Criminal Liberation Unit and the NLG) were the first party to be hijacked by the totalitarian collectivists. A vote for one of their candidates gets us to their goal of global socialism/communism at 100 mph, as opposed to a vote for a Trotskyite Republican candidate who will help get us to that same goal at only 95 mph.

So, what is an American to do – to preserve America? Well, the first thing we need to do is to make sure everyone wakes up to what is going on. They deserve a chance to make the choice as to whether we all sink into totalitarian darkness with barely a whimper – or whether it is time to join against the elites and fight. Soon, that choice will be taken away and replaced with the choice of dying on one’s feet – or living on one’s knees in slavery.

Long after hurricane Katrina petered out to a mere low pressure front, the after-effects of that storm are just beginning to build. Those denizens of the Big Easy who’d been dependent on government for generations – are now getting all that much more “compassionate conservatism” (i.e. “social justice”, accomplished via “redistribution of wealth” or government theft from the producing citizens of America - with which to buy votes from amongst the “disadvantaged”…), they are getting that much more incentive to remain professional couch potatoes until that doesn’t work out for them and they then have to resort to that non-education-based form of “entrepreneurship” that involves some kind of “self-service disaster relief” such as carjacking, selling crack or looting once again. By telling people they do not have to be responsible for themselves, the elites are setting them up for yet another disaster when the power of nature and the ineptitude of government are revealed once again. Meanwhile, these elites are consolidating the kleptocracy, using the dependence of those they’ve enabled as professional couch potatoes – to enslave the producers who in turn call for “bigger, freer markets” in which to do business so that they might make up for the deficit caused by all the taxation required to fund the “relief” efforts, falling right into the trap for the next level of “free trade” agreements which are purported to “harmonize” our economies in the region. (Actually, what this means is that we will be trying to make the poor self sufficient by making the self-sufficient poor).

At the same time, the elites are seeing to the disarmament of those who are self-reliant, to make sure they are no longer self-reliant when it comes to the fallout from the failed welfare state when subjected to the duress of the next natural disaster like Katrina or a man made disaster like the looming “American Hiroshima”. Little by little, gradually and incrementally, the elites grow the kleptocracy/welfare state while simultaneously making people more and more dependent on them for resources and protection. Is it any wonder they refuse to secure our borders? That would only impede their consolidation of power because they need that threat of terrorist infiltration to goad us into surrendering more of our liberties, like the one guaranteed by the second amendment. They need that influx of cheap labor to drive down the American standard of living below self-sufficiency so that they can accomplish the goals of their conspiracy – without too much resistance.

Sounds just like a racket, doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it? That may be because it is exactly that, a criminal racket, run by globalist elitist criminal robber barons who seek to consolidate total power to themselves, funding the whole effort via the two-party apparatus they’ve constructed to dupe the faithful into supporting their own destruction as a free people. They’ve conspired to remove the people’s means of resisting them and their criminal cronies and fellow travelers on the streets, creating a criminal protection racket, the latest example of which was the New Orleans police chief’s directive that only police and military can have weapons.

Time is short, people. Global totalitarian government is in plain view right now. Either get on board with America or stay on board with the two-party shell game of the elites and say goodbye to the United States of America, say goodbye to your rights and due process under written rule of law, courtesy of the megalomaniacs who want to rule the world. Reject the “blue pill” and reject the “red state/blue state” paradigm. Take the “red pill” and wake up to reality, the one where you, your children and your children’s children can live without fear of that 3:00 am knock on the door that tells of your imminent and immediate freight car ride to the global euthanasia centers. Arm yourselves with the best weapons you can buy – and with information. Stockpile ammunition, food, water, water purifying equipment, maps, fuel, portable shelter – whatever you can afford. Buy gold and silver. Get out of debt. Stop fueling the machine of the insiders. Put down that crack pipe and let your head clear for a bit! Better yet, turn off that television and do some independent research! Talk to your neighbors and have them all write your representatives so that they know you’re on to them. Then, vote for the candidate that best represents American values, regardless of party. Support that candidate’s campaign directly. Don’t go through the party. Tell the “race hustlers” to shut the hell up, they’re just communists, using propaganda to divide and conquer!

First, we must stop this wholesale sellout of America by the "insiders". Both parties are in on this sellout - at least at the policy-making party control level, at the top where the candidates and office-holders are interchangeable. Tell them to Stop the FTAA and show them that you mean it!

We must do this now. If we fail, we lose our county. Even now, with the nomination of Harriet Miers - a self-proclaimed proponent of the ICC - we are being sold out.


The FTAA and the Miers nomination
Y'all are missing the point about Harriet Miers and her capabilities as an expert on constitutional law, that as applied to her qualifications to sit on the USSC. Where she does have expertise is in commercial and contract law. The point is that she has no expertise in constitutional law.

Bush doesn't see the need for someone familiar with the U.S. constitution - because he's not concerned with the United States as a sovereign nation. Rather, he's interested in this "North American Community" and it's role in the Free Trade Area of the Americas - where the United States no longer exists as a sovereign Constitutional Republic. He's more interested in commercial law - because he's as much concerned with the American Constitution as he is with securing our borders because the plan for the United States is for it to cease to exist as an independent nation of free individuals under Constitutional Rule of Law.

Note Harriet Mier's support of the UN's International Criminal Court. Yet another trap set for us, like the FTAA, that is intended to have us cede our sovereignty as a nation of self-governing individuals; the ICC is another diabolical UN creation that has from day one been intended to destroy the United States of America.

As far as I'm concerned, Bush and all the other Trotskyite neocons, including Hugh Hewitt, can get the hell out of my country right now.

I think Bush's nomination of Miers reveals yet again what I've been writing about for some time now - and what others have been writing about for decades. Bush is another installment of the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN/NWO that would see all peoples of the earth without knowledge of their inalienable rights. Bush pretends to be a Christian - just like a couple million other WCC and NCC churchgoers who are active practitioners of Marxism under color of religion - so he can snooker the real Christian right into supporting him. This last act of nominating a so-called "Christian", a constitutional illiterate who promotes/advances the ICC and who will oversee "contract" and "commercial" law in the new "free trade" region being created - has finally made the scales drop from so many more eyes, eyes that just need to achieve focus on the true, underlying reality that these weavers of illusion and deception have wrought much to obscure their conspiracy, the fruits of which are about to land on us all.

Welcome to the NWO, my fellow citizens.

Say goodbye to your inalienable rights and hello to the privileges of our socialist "great society" under an international, extra-constitutional government of no representation and no accountability.

See the video: "They Want Your Soul" to see what others have figured out so far...