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 Ninth [Short] Circuit Disconnect from Natural Law.

When you read what follows, keep in mind this one point: when you depart from natural law, you haven't gotten anywhere…

Apparently, the ninth circuit court has not kept this in mind, nor are they dimly aware of the consequences of attempting to flout natural law the way they have with their latest position, an insane position that they've taken about self-defense being only a collective right. That's right! "Insane" is the operative word, here, and I will conceptually connect the term "sanity" with the term "natural law" to expose the reality of the ninth circuit's collective mental illness which precludes a basic understanding of individual rights and which has them flying in the face of the American Way.

First, the dictionary definition of sanity: the quality or state of being sane; especially : soundness or health of mind.

Now, my definition of sanity - is that an individual is using enough of their mental potential so that they are connecting observable reality with properly-formed and interconnected abstractions in consciousness (which manifest on a conscious level as clear thought) so that the individual is in tune with natural law. This attunement with natural law maximizes mind/body coordination on both microcosmic, organic levels as well as macroscopic spiritual levels. More simply, sanity is the degree to which the individual is in tune with natural law, which is determined by the fineness and balance of that individual's overall mind/body coordination. It is the sharpness of and balance between heart and head which rules perception and conception.

Could this possibly explain why the ninth circuit court has missed the connection between individual rights, specifically the individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - and the means to preserve that life? I mean, how do they "square" individual rights as defined in the Declaration of Independence and the rest of the Bill of Rights, which so clearly expound on individual inalienable rights - with their ruling that individuals possess no right to keep and bear arms? Could it be that the individuals that comprise the ninth circuit court - are insane?

I submit that the ninth circuit court buys into that form of government we shall refer to here as collectivism (a.k.a. "mob rule") which tramples individual inalienable rights. That is, the judges on the ninth circuit court are collectivists, who see their judicial "solutions" only in terms of the collective, not actually on the level of individual rights. Well, the NAZIs operated on the basis of public or collective "health" too, in the same manner these judges on the ninth circuit court have ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is only a collective right "owned" by the state, which they believe should maintain a monopoly on the use of force. Their ruling makes the state supreme, not the individual and it turns our form of jurisprudence on it's head.

I submit that there are only two ways to perceive these ninth circuit court judges. Either they are mentally ill, or they are domestic enemies who conspire to undermine our form of government. Of course, that the megalomaniacal ARE mentally ill, there can be no doubt. What I'm suggesting, however, is that they are opposed to the American way and are working for and toward another form of government, that being a collectivist one. That is, they are denying you your individual rights.

Clearly, they are socialists and traitors to the United States of America - unless they are willing to concede that they are mentally unbalanced, that they are out of tune with natural law and that they are incompetent to sit on the bench where the clear thinking of the sane must prevail. Western civilization DEPENDS on this issue being resolved. (Of course, collectivism IS a symptom of mental illness, but I believe that in this case it's more of a conscious choice than the manifestation of disease.)

For the longest time, the ninth circuit court has "loosed" their decisions on the United States, the highest peak of western civilization yet known to the world. The ninth circuit's consistent flouting of Constitutional rule of law which constitutes an attempt to flout NATURAL law - reveals malice. The truly insane are not consistent, since they are divorced from reality and their personal constitution with regard to natural law is by organic fiat. That is, as their brain chemistry changes from nutrition, drugs and so forth, they will experience variable mental states which should therefore yield variable approaches to dealing with reality. Not so with the ninth circuit court. They are consistent in their malice towards the western values documented in our founder's writings. So, I must once again submit that these leftist judicial activists are carrying out conscious subversion and they should be charged accordingly. (In my view they're not insane, they're criminals! At least, they're lobbying for criminals - by disarming law-abiding citizens who then become future victims...)

The whole basis of Western civilization is that the individual, free from the constraints of over-burgeoning government - can create, he can forge a higher standard of living (note that key word, "living"…), he can make a better world for himself and his progeny by harnessing (operating in tune with) natural law in such a way as to raise he and his family above the mean, crawling things of the earth - without doing harm, without violating the rights of others. The ninth circuit court, however, disagrees with this view that man should be able to protect his family and himself from those who DO NOT understand the premise of Western civilization, those who are intent on doing harm. They (the ninth circuit judges) disagree with natural law which says, "I, as an individual have inalienable rights, one of which includes the right to defend that life". They disagree with the natural laws which even govern our own bodies, namely those natural forces which constitute an immune-system which protects us from organisms that would do us harm on a cellular level.

The ninth circuit court - is not a friend of western civilization. In fact, they are undermining it wholesale, with forethought and malice. Specifically, they are in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the founding principles of the United States, they are opposed to Constitutional rule of law which states that individuals DO have inalienable rights like the right to self-defense, the right to keep and BEAR arms! The ninth circuit court is destroying the "immune system" of this country by declaring that the "individual cells" (individuals) in this country - do not have the right of self-defense. This is clearly a case of the "mind" (the ninth circuit) being at odds with the "body" (us), to use a transdisciplinary "holographic" model. This would be the definition of insanity, except that it is being done by a conscious mindset that is alien to Western civilization. Call it an invasion by the brain-snatchers, if you want to abuse that old title… In any case, it is fiat rule of law, not American Constitutional rule of law.

Therefore, I must submit that we have a domestic enemy among us. Whether they are infiltrators from the third world who have sprung up among us via adoption of alien views or whether they're simple mental dysfunctionals who are ruled by the fiat dictates of their diseased brains which have observable trouble apprehending natural law - those principles which promote life - these ninth circuit court judges must be removed. I am hoping that mere exposure will stop their uncivilized, third-world, anti-American rantings which are subverting my country. After that, there are few alternatives.


Frederick P. Blume Jr. 12/12/2002

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