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The United Nations wants to TAX you!

Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali urged the [UN] to consider imposing its own taxes become less dependent on United States -- Washington Times January 16th 1996.

Are you concerned that

1. Numerous taxation schemes to finance the UN are being considered? Economist James Tobin proposed in 1972 that the UN be the recipient of a tax of 0.05% on foreign exchange transactions. In 1993, the Ford foundation produced "Financing an Effective United Nations", a report containing recommendations that the UN tax airline traffic, shipping, and arms sales. In 1995, the UN-funded commission on global governance suggested that the UN collect levies from those who use "flight lines, sea lanes for ships, ocean fishing areas, and the electromagnetic spectrum." ultimately of course, the burden of all taxation falls on consumers.

2. A state department study specifically proposed giving the UN taxing power and, ultimately, control the world? In 1962, the State Department financed a study entitled "A World Effectively Controled by the United Nations." The report outlined what would be needed for such a total world government: "mandatory universal membership," an ability to use "physical force," and "compulsory jurisdiction" of its courts. One of the UN's "principal features," stated the report, would be "enforceable taxing powers." (Emphasis added.)

3. No matter how much our nation gives, the UN will never be satisfied? In addition to hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in foreign aid, our nation has provided the UN with tens of billions more for its programs since 1945. Currently, U.S. contributions make up 25% of the UN's annual budget. But, in his May 2001 speech at Notre Dame University, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan complained with a typical anti-American attitude, "It is shameful that the United States ... should be one of the least generous in terms of helping the worlds' poor."

4. Taxing authority would fuel an unaccountable UN Superstate? Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali said of a UN tax: "We would not be under the daily financial will of member states who are unwilling to pay up." UN founder Harlan Cleveland made the same point in Futes: Rather than relying on "the worn-out policy of year-to-year decisions by individual governments" (about how much to give the UN) "what's need is a flow of funds for development which are generated automatically under international control." And there would be no Congress to limit the UN's appetite for your tax dollars.

Who is behind the United Nations power grab?

A powerful network of Americans in government, and business, academia and media have conspired to empower the UN. One noteworthy "insider" is David Rockefeller -- head of the superrich family that donated the ground for UN headquarters. He told an elite group in Germany in 1991: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine... whose directors have attended our meetings and have respected promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been possible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to... publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepare to march towards a world government." Here is a sampling of what other globalists have said:

"We must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward world government." - Walter Cronkite, famous CBS news anchor

"Nationhood as we know it will be opsolete, all states will recognize a single, global authority." -- Strobe Talbot, Former Deputy Secretary of State

"With respect to U.S. policy, when it comes to our role as a member of the Security Council [of the United Nations], we obviously are bound by UN resolutions." -- Colin Powell, Secretary of State

"A tax of one U.S. cent on every 100 lengthy emails ... would generate wll over $70 billion a year." -- UN Development Program, Human Development Report, 1999.

"The standard of living of the average American has to decline.... I don't think you can escape that." -- Paul Volcker, 1979. Mr. Volcker served as co-chairman of the Ford Foundation's 1995 group that produced "Financing and Effective United Nations."

"A viable way to [establish an international finances regulating body] would be by establishing not a 0.1% tax on speculative financial transactions as Mr. Tobin brilliantly proposed, but rather a minimum of 1% which would permit the creation of a large indespensable fund -- in the excess of one trillion dollars every year." -- Fidel Castro promoting UN-taxation before the UN-affiliated Group of 77, Havana, April 2000.

What can you do?

1. Inform yourself about the UN threat. Order and read the special "United Nations" issue of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine. It will introduce you to the frightening reality that is the United Nations.

2. Help activate other Americans. Work with others to get Congress to act. Tell Congress to Get US out! of the United Nations. Order the "Get US out! Starter Kit" and participate in an organized program to hald our slide into world government.