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Fight Slavery: Curtail Big Government!

Our representative, Con-gress Woman Diana DeGette
formerly listed as member of the "progressive caucus" of the Democratic Socialists of America.
1st Congressional district of Colorado voted for higher taxes and more government, as indicated by the Soviet Flags

How did YOUR Representative Vote?
Avg cost per household Voted for Lower taxes and less government Voted for Higher taxes and more government
1 HR 4: Energy Plan. Amendment to continue prohibiting oil exploration anywhere in the 19.6 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Rejected 206-223 on Aug 1, 2001, roll call #317) Potential cost: Billions!
Continued reliance on foreign oil!
2 HR 2646: Farm Bill. A 10-year authorization for crop price-support programs; includes $243 million for food stamps. All un-Constitutional spending! (Passed 291-120 on Oct 5, 2001, roll call #371) Potential cost: 167.0 Billion
3 HR 3090: Economic Stimulus. Includes tax cuts for individuals and businesses over a 10-year period; a small step toward reducing overtaxation/slavery! (Passed 216-214 on Oct. 24, 2001, roll call #404) Savings: $156.4 Billion
$1462 (Savings)
4 HR 3150: Aviation Security. Amendment to require that passenger and baggage screeners at major airports be federal employees. (Rejected 214-218 on Nov 1, 2001, roll call #423) Estimated Cost: $300 Million /year
A federal power grab expanding control of travel
5 HR 2620 Fiscal 2002 VA/HUD. Lumps legit funds for veterans with $30 billion for un-Constitutional Department of Housing and Urban Development. (Passed 401-18 on Nov. 8, 2001, roll call #434) Cost: $112.7 Billion
6 HR 3295: "Election Overhaul." Intervention by Congress in state elections threatens our federal system. (Passed 362-63 on Dec, 12, 2001, roll call #489) Cost: 2.6 Billion
7 HR 3061: Fiscal 2002 Labor/HHS/Education. Big welfare-state spending! Includes more than $51 billion for expanded federal meddling in "education". (Passed 393-30 on Dec. 19, 2001, roll call #504) Cost: $407.7 Billion
8 HR 2506: Fiscal 2002 Foreign Aid. Since the 1940's, the giveaway of taxpayer dollars to foreign governments has cost us TRILLIONS! And it's un-Constitutional! (Passed 357-66 on Dec. 19, 2001, roll call #505) Cost: 15.4 Billion