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Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. – George Washington

That is, when government assumes the role of “Master”. First a few questions:

Q. Why do we have the Second Amendment?
A. So that the people can protect themselves from a government that would betray them.

Q: What non- Federal government Constitutional institution is composed of individual citizens who are empowered to “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”? (Article 1 Sec.8)

Q: Are the individuals in this institution trained and armed for the duties they’re empowered to carry out?
A: Yes.

Q: Why?
A: Because it is a dangerous business serving warrants to known criminals – who may be IN GOVERNMENT, illegitimately manipulating the levers of power under color of law to break the law and therefore subvert the law.

Q: Is this institution an authoritarian group that can place itself above the law and oppress the people?

A: No! It cannot! This institution/group is grassroots and has a CIVILIAN command hierarchy SEPARATE from government because it exists to serve as a CHECK against CORRUPT GOVERNMENT during times of tyranny, especially when the general government itself is IN A STATE OF INSURRECTION against the people. For the people in this institution to oppress Americans, they would have to turn their awesome power upon themselves and their own families. This is something the membership will not do. It is required to uphold the supreme law of the land (the Constitution) – which guarantees individual liberty while restraining those who would violate others’ rights.

Q: Is there lawful precedent for the existence of this institution?

A: Yes. It is specifically named in the Constitution of the United States (which has been overthrown by a criminal, out of control corporatist special interest ruled government that no longer serves the people through law but rather rules them by fiat, by dictate as in the case of the bailouts…). See Article I, Sec 8 plus the Second Amendment of the Constitution which specifically state that this legitimate body has the ultimate power of the “purse and the sword”. That is, this body/institution is the ultimate expression of self-government that can control the treasury AND may use force during lawlessness, insurrection or invasion. This body is described as the SUPREME AUTHORITY in the land – and is comprised of the people and operates under Constitutional law – remember WE the People!.

Q: If this institution is so great, why don’t people commonly know about it?

A: Well, now you do. To answer that question, however, you must realize that the powers that be who wish to overthrow our government, have long-since subverted this institution. However, it is being revitalized on a state-by-state basis now. Both Arizona and North Carolina have revitalized this citizen force in their respective states. Legislation is pending in other states as of this writing. You are key to making that happen here.

Read the Constitution to find out more. Understand what form of government we were supposed to have before you call for any “new” form. You may come to realize that we need to restore the rule of law under the original, intended form of government we were supposed to have – but which NONE of you have ever seen. Do the research, cut through the propaganda, spread the word. We must do this to remain free. More government WILL NOT result in more freedom, only more tyranny.