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Frederick P Blume Jr.

Resume: Software Engineer

Frederick P. Blume Jr., 1226 S. Monaco, #208 Denver, CO 80224

(303) 856-5106 (home)


Amateur Radio Callsign: KC0YII

Goals: Advancing software development best practices to provide cost-effective, quality software that directly addresses stakeholder requirements that will fulfill quantified/known, tactical and/or strategic business goals. This is accomplished through use of sufficient process to guarantee real communication so that goals are clear and we can readily determine if the product created fulfills the goals of that contract between information technology and business management – through traceability.

Skills Summary:

Modeling and Design
Object-Orientation / Planned Architecture.
Rational XDE (.net), Rational Rose, ClearQuest, Requisite Pro, Visual UML
VS.NET 2003, 2005, 2008
Relational Database Management System development
Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle 8i
PowerBuilder 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 and 10 w/Sybase 12;
Visual FoxPro 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0, FoxPro 2.6 for Windows, Foxpro 2.5 for DOS
Microsoft Access 1.0, 2.0,
dBase III+ and IV
MS FrontPage
Macromedia DreamWeaver MX 2004

Current project: AgniDirect Firing Solution Calculator - a (DoD-oriented) firing solution calculator that will aid the shooter in determining changes to elevation and windage due to slant angle, variation in barometric pressure, spin drift, ammunition temperature and air temperature (for the purpose of hitting targets at 1600 yards and beyond) - a C#.NET application round-trip engineered with Visual UML for the requirements, analysis, design and implementation models - deployed and used on the Windows Mobile platform with the .NET compact framework and SQL Server CE.

Current Web project:, Semperlibertest (offline), both ASP.NET technology-based web applications using SQL Server 2005 in offline version and MS Access in online version, currently. (Need to come up with the SQL hosting fees for Discount ASP.NET…) Offline SQL version uses combination of SQLDataSources, LinqDataSources and ObjectDataSources to present Entity, Activity, Organization, Location, Interest and Associate data for purposes of tracking organized crime in both domestic and international arenas. Initial db design doc at:

(Rendered to data class diagram through ODBC connection between Visual UML and my SQL Server 2005 instance on AGNI/AGNI_SQL.) Click on “Click here to open the Image…” to view the actual diagram. Uses CSS, Master Page, XML and OLEDB data sources.

Previous project: Tournament, a competitive shooting scorekeeping/publishing product that assists match directors in managing the scoring for official competitive events which also assists them in creating XML with XSLT output for posting competition results on the WWW. Done in Visual Foxpro 9.0

Web Development

Colorado Rifle Club website weather page/weather station - ,

Continuing Professional Education:

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using the UML
Java Programming for Business Applications
Custom Visual C++ and MFC
Building Applications with C# and .NET
Advanced Transact-SQL
Basic Unix.
home development computer lab with Visual Studio .NET 2008, Visual UML, Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 Express.

Built home lab with 6 networked machines with one MS SQL Server 2005 server, one Oracle 8i/Red Hat Linux 8.0 database server, webcam and wireless access point. Currently creating ham radio/digital mode connection to send files over radio (packet radio). Continuing database management/administration on MS SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 8i, and “noodling” with newer technologies.

Employment History:

Self-employed, 02/26/2008 – current

Doing temporary labor, research, tutoring. Also ran the stats office for the first and second Annual Armed Forces Memorial Match at CRC in Byers, using VFP 9.0 and VFP SQL with “Tournament”.

Apex Systems, Inc., 12/19/2007 – 02/26/2008.

Coded T-SQL stored procedures on Sybase ASE for Apex client.

Lipper Analytical Services, Inc. - 5/1/99 – 12/31/2006

Worked on LDG (Lipper Daily Grind) team maintaining PowerBuilder applications and writing stored procedures. Also ran daily file comparisons in preparation for cutover from Wang system based in New York. Monitoring NASDAQ Transaction Firewall System to make sure daily mutual fund prices arrive on time for nightly processing & troubleshooting as needed. Modified comparison application to output html reports and linked those reports to an Excel spreadsheet master document. Added automated fax capability to LDG after completing analysis deliverables (project scope, context diagram, use case diagram, use cases and class diagram). LDG is the system which generates the daily mutual fund quotations in the Wall Street Journal. Ported LDG feeds to Datafeeds system with Sybase backend. Did some DBA work monitoring database performance and tuning. Re-wrote hundreds of stored procedures in several versions of Sybase ASE –T-SQL through version 12.5, optimizing code to create the best execution plan.

Developed "EMEM", an Emergency Entry Module to outsource portfolio data entry functionality, complete with indicators on how much of the portfolio data was available, record navigation, record search, database conflict management and data import/export functionality - from a set of use cases, all in a day and a half in Visual Foxpro 8.0.

Added FTP functionality to “Safari” electronic data gathering/formatting program with Visual C#.NET, Converted Datafeeds system from Powerbuilder 7.0 to Powerbuilder 10.0, continue to provide legacy application support in PB and Sybase T-SQL 12.5.

Teletech - 10/11/97 - 3/10/99

Did analysis, design and created working prototypes for USAA project in San Antonio, doing full life cycle development on New Member Sales project with MS Visual Modeler and Visual Basic 5.0., creating in-process and out-of-process ActiveX DLL and EXE (COM) components. Converted, rewrote FoxPro 2.5, 2.6 for Windows applications to Visual FoxPro 5.0. Designed, built and maintained a web-fed seminar registration system with Teletech's software development approach. Developed multiple e-mail applications with MS MAPI ActiveX controls and an MS Exchange client after analysis and design.

AINS - Contractor to U.S. Mint in Denver - 08/15/97 - 10/11/97

Began conversion of FoxBase, FoxPro 2.0 2.5 and 2.6 DOS applications to Visual FoxPro 5.0. Recompiled Fox applications with VFP 5.0 compiler (don't ask…). Converted a work order tracking system and an overtime authorization system by re-writing the applications from scratch.

Procard, Inc. - 02/28/96 - 08/15/97

Object-Oriented Programming of ProCard Procurement Card software version (PVS 4.0) with MS Visual FoxPro (3.0). Implemented two-way E-Mail system for cardholder statements with VFP and IDSMail OLE e-mail server. Built update tool to aid the PVS system administrator to log users off and run updates/upgrades. Developed data dictionary application to load databases for documentation purposes. Assisted as help desk firefighter on a rotating basis with other developers.

Woodward-Clyde - 08/28/95 - 02/28/96

Managing Optika imaging system for finance department and Restrac imaging system for Human Resources in a system administrator capacity. Developed call-tracking system for imaging system problems with MS-Access 2.0.

EagleDirect - 1/3/93 - 08/25/95

Vail Associates Marketing RDBMS

Converted Ski Lift Coupon mailing and tracking database from raw Paradox table to a Dos-based, multi-user Foxpro application. Included automation of record I/O for use with Postalware address standardization and presorting software for coupon campaign mailings and subsequent tracking with this application. Created barcode scanning and processing routine to aid in automation of tracking and analysis. Also implemented phase one of the Vail Associates valley integration database which unifies the diverse computing platforms existing at the various Vail Associates' properties and businesses. Acquired raw data from those platforms, loaded into tables and linked through standardized addresses back to original records. Involved in daily generation of smaller data projects from receipt of raw data to presorted, bulk mailings.

TGS Technologies/Johnson Controls Worldwide Services - 5/11/92 - 1/3/93

Worked for the Bureau of Land Management as a sub-contractor for Johnson Controls WWS (formerly TGS) as a Prime Computer operator and systems administrator. Did daily, weekly, and quarterly backups on Honeywell systems in addition to regular duties on the Prime systems. Automated Prime backups with CPL programs and also automated other special projects through CPL.

Newport Associates, Ltd. - 6/11/85 - 12/31/91

Oil and gas database data analyst. Promoted to Prime computer system administrator. Also involved with various custom data analysis projects in Banking and Savings and Loan databases for Standard & Poor's, Merrill Lynch, Kidder Peabody, Goldman Sachs - primarily with Dbase III+ and Lotus 123. Created multitudes of programs to further massage data served by Prime system. Assisted in implementation of CD-Rom version of Newport's Bancbase I financial database. Documented Newport's FirstFax software with Pagemaker and CorelDraw.