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Trotskyism is about permanent revolution, permanent war, permanent terrorism, poverty, slavery and ignorance. Judaism is not about any of these.

The newest incarnation of "EastAsia", the war in Libya

Yep, it’s the “Round Table Groups”, the CFR and RIIA who operate in the midst of the American and British peoples – against their interests – to capture the world for their “upper management” in the Council of the Elect, the inner circle of the Anglo-American Establishment (AAE) - which directs the "Trotsky" wing of the Republican party, the neocons.

Remember that the part of our foreign policy that directs us into hostility against the Arab and North African world - is the same foreign policy that allies us with the state of "Israel", which is NOT the Israel spoken of in the Bible.

Barry Soetoro IS an English subject, having been born in Kenya. So it is no surprise he is doing the bidding of the Anglo-American Establishment, not the “Anglo-French Establishment” (as one poster on another thread hypothesized).  So, not only does he make no decisions about foreign policy, merely being the TRIC (Teleprompter-Reader in Chief), he's just the spokesman for the AAE, the entity that really controls our foreign policy.

Who created Israel via the United Nations? What "nation" (group of oligarchs, actually) served as the main impetus behind the UN's creation of Israel?

Great Britain, or more specifically, the Anglo-American Establishment, an oligarchy. The British oligarchs KNEW, that because the United States was founded by Christians and Jews (primarily Christians) that the creation of a state called "Israel" would provide a foreign-policy "snare to our feet" because of all the Biblical references to that state, which would cause us to reject our founding fathers' non-interventionist foreign policy in favor of the British one, which would eventually bankrupt the United States via its central bank and the subsequent endless monetization of debt required under a system of Mercantilism (fascism) and interventionist foreign policy.

The plan is the same as that of Nathan Rothschild who destroyed the economy of Great Britain during the Napoleonic wars when Wellington met Napoleon at Waterloo and Rothchilds’ couriers delivered the news that Wellington had WON. Rothschild "head faked" the investment class into believing he'd received word that NAPOLEON had won, causing the investment banksters to divest themselves of all things British - which Rothschild was able to buy up the next day for pennies on the pound.

If you can "tank" a nation's economy and you play the market, you can buy it up, lock stock and barrel when it hits "bottom". Using our now completely compromised foreign policy, the Anglo-American Establishment can bankrupt the United States by creating so much debt that it's status as the world's "Reserve Currency" would be revoked in favor of anything more stable (preferably something of the global oligarchs’ selection, I’m sure…), and they'll be able to subject the American people to authoritarian rule quite easily because at that point, the American people would give up their rights for the promise of a crust of bread, having become so impoverished via this incredible pile of debt stacked up through war and the central banks’ finance of that war through the monetization of debt – the American people cannot resist.

Leon Trotsky, leader of the Red Army under Lenin - understood this formula quite well. He understood that "permanent revolution" or "permanent war" would bring supposed "perpetual peace" (ala Orwell’s “perpetual war for perpetual peace”) because when a people are so impoverished they can no longer resist - there is peace. Of course, this can only happen in an authoritarian/totalitarian regime THAT KEEPS the population impoverished and terrorized. The leadership of the Republican Party are neocons, a.k.a. "Trotskyites" who are behind our interventionist foreign policy and who are also working on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment. The neocons, founded by Irving Kristol (Bill Kristol's father) have always been followers of Trotsky and their aggressive foreign policy has become the de-facto standard for our nation, which is why we see this country foundering under astronomical, realistically unpayable mountains of debt.

Now, some try to link the use of the word, “Trotskyite” to the use of the word “Jew” when in fact, this is not the case. No supporter of the old testament who believes in law and justice would believe that what’s going on with the Trotskyites – has anything to do with the actual, real practice of Judaism. So that you are not led astray by those who equate “Trotksyites” with “Jews”, I am here to report that there is no relationship between the Godless and the God-fearing. Trotskyism is about permanent revolution, permanent war, permanent terrorism, poverty, slavery and ignorance. Judaism is not about any of these. 

It has been pointed out that the Rothschild family is Jewish and that my article here "reeks of anti-Semitism".  I have to admit that I am completely unaware of the religion practiced by any member of the Rothschild family.  That's not what this paper is about.  What it IS about is our interventionist, hijacked Trotskyite foreign policy.  This attempt to cast me as a "Jew-hater" is feeble at best and in light of my undying admiration and friendship with the late Aaron Zellman, it is a complete joke.  Aaron was most definitely Jewish and remains a personal hero of mine.  So much for the Trotskyite attempt to drag a red herring across the trail.  The fact is that an entire religion cannot be held accountable - for the actions of criminals who merely claim to be its practitioners.

The point is that this new "theater" of war is yet another way to destroy the economy of the only remaining free people on the earth - who clearly are no longer very free at all - and becoming weaker by the day.  This war on Libya is more a war on the American people, at least on the economic side (The Libyans are getting  shot up and blown to smithereens...) of this globalist war upon sovereign nations.  It is being run by the Anglo-American Establishment wing of the globalists' oligarchy and they are putting the final nails in our collective coffins.  It is being perpetrated upon the world by those minions of the globalists who reside and ply their treasonous trade within the United States and if we are to stop them, they must be brought to justice.