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January 6, 2008 Update

See my latest on Verba volent, scripta manent - Software specifications and the governing of Nations. It's about Engineered Freedom

Cheyenne Wells Machine Gun Shoot



A Case for Repealing NAFTA and Blocking the NAU


November 14, 2007

Update: The latest special edition of the New American on the North American Union available
here: The New American North American Union Edition


JBS Overview of America - Public Service Edition

What form of government the founders gave us, how it compares with other forms - and what type of economic system goes with liberty. An educational video by JBS.

In order to understand why our (mis) leadership is engaged in such sovereignty-destroying and even treasonous activity like the so-called "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (, the NAFTA Superhighway, Supercorridor, TTC (Trans-Texas Corridor) or Superslab, NAFTA, CAFTA and yet another so-called "free trade" agreement known as the FTAA, Americans need to revisit the foundations of this country and re-discover how our Constitutional Republic contrasts with all other forms of government and related economic systems. This video provides that foundation and the viewer will find they now have a proper framework in which to comprehend this un-American trend in government. Be sure to watch all four parts (I've noticed some are viewing part 1, but are stopping with that...)



The real "skinny" on the North American Union

Here it is: The complete October 2, 2006 edition of the New American which is dedicated to the North American Union. The file is in *.pdf format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.

Also note that this is the ENTIRE October 2, 2006 New American, so it is a large file. So, be patient when opening. It might take a couple of minutes, depending on your connection.

The New American - October 2, 2006



Blogswarm campaign TERMINATED! Stand down.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. There is no longer any need to keep that campaign up. Aaron Russo's film, "America: Freedom to Fascism" is doing more than our little crew could even THINK of doing to get the word out about the private banking cartel's control of our government. So, it is no longer necessary to get out on the blogs in a coordinated fashion to promote that film and the message contained therein. Tens of thousands of Americans - every day - are now getting a well-reasoned, well-documented digest of what's really going on and the "elites", the "insiders" know it. They are countering as of this writing.



What follows is my review of the movie and current events connected with it:

I went to the movies last night and saw Aaron Russo's "America:  Freedom to Fascism".  (He produced The Rose, Trading Places)
1600 people saw everything they needed to catch up with the us - in terms of our "database" of knowledge about the growing tyranny in America.  They saw who was behind the creation of the Federal Reserve, the debasement of our currency, who is actually running the "shadow" government (meaning the Council on Foreign Relations), the fact that the 16th amendment requires no new taxation on individual earnings and wages, the upcoming SPP and it's implementation as the "North American Union" with the new currency, the Amero, rigged electronic voting machines (pretty well proven - in a court of law!...) that have a built-in "hack" that allows the operators to change the vote to a 51% / 49% outcome. 
1600 people just caught up to us in terms of knowledge - in an hour and 47 minutes, so well done was this presentation.  Russo "connects the dots" sequentially, logically and intelligently - and only idiots would come away NOT understanding what's actually going on in our nation after seeing this documentary.  I can report there may have been four or five idiots in the showing I went to.  The movie featured the author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" - G. Edward Griffin, Joe Bannister, Erwin Schiff, Bob Schultz, Dave Champion (who I've corresponded with), Edwin Vieira (who I've talked with on the phone) and every significant expert on the subjects covered in the movie.
Afterward, I stayed for the Q and A session with Aaron and I can tell you - this is no joke. 
I fully expect that with the release of this film - which happened here in Denver and in Portland, OR - that the CFR and the BOD in the Federal Reserve - are going to make a move.  In fact, per an article on WND the day before yesterday, the insiders have accelerated their plan for the release of the Amero.  First, however, they must make holding onto dollars so painful - that we will accept their new fiat currency.  Well, there is going to be a G8 +5 summit in Mexico City this coming October 3 and 4 - supposedly to talk about Kyoto and that enviro-whacko stuff, but what I hear is that they will also be devaluing our currency, the dollar, by 45%. 
That is not a typo...  Forty five percent.  Nearly half, and do you believe that anyone in this country will be willing to take that?  Well, we all know that far too many will exchange their dollars for "Ameros" if they can be convinced that the new fiat currency and the new regional "Security and Prosperity Partnership" - coupled with that new fiat currency - will save their butts from the incredibly bad financial decisions they've made with these "option ARMS" and the like. 
Add to that the coming "Real ID act" which will see full implementation by the end of 2008 - if we don't exercise full civil disobedience and stop it.
Russo has started the ball rolling.  This film will be playing at those theaters (they had to open it in an additional theater to handle the crowd.  The showing I went to at about 6:30 (scheduled for 7:30) was sold out by the time I got there...) today - and for the next few days.  With what Russo and his supporters are proposing - you should expect martial law in mere days or weeks - especially with what may happen at that G8 +5 summit in Mexico City in the next few days and with what will happen in the upcoming elections in November.  Expect that with the introduction of the Amero that all gold and silver holdings will be outlawed with an amnesty period that will allow you to exchange your gold and silver (at 10 cents on the dollar, no doubt) for worthless Ameros.
What I'm telling you folks is that I believe the shit is hitting the fan RIGHT NOW.  The American people are waking up en-masse, as the crowd at last night's showing demonstrates.  I believe it will snowball.  Russo has called for the destruction of the Federal Reserve system and he is recruiting us all right now to make that happen.  The elites know this - and they are frantically trying to shore up their defenses before the masses march on them, ala "V" for Vendetta (another Wachowski brothers movie along the lines of "The Matrix").  I expect for the insiders to panick and for them to make even worse mistakes than to accelerate their timetable for deploying the Amero.  I fully expect them to hit us with another "terrorist" attack and to declare martial law. 

Russo wants to take Mahatma Ghandi's and Martin Luther King's approach to beating the bad guys - with civil disobedience.  I think all of us realize how effective that will be - with our heavily armed and conditioned police state, which has "detention" camps under construction by Kellog, Brown and Root.  (see - which redirects to Halliburton - and is temporarily down as of this email...)   It's on their own website - which very suddenly reports it is unavailable at the moment.  Add to that this little factoid which came in a few minutes ago...

Detainee Bill Shifts Power To President
By Scott Shane and Adam Liptak
The New York Times

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 -- With the final passage through Congress of the detainee treatment bill, President Bush on Friday achieved a signal victory, shoring up with legislation his determined conduct of the campaign against terrorism in the face of challenges from critics and the courts.

Rather than reining in the formidable presidential powers Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have asserted since Sept. 11, 2001, the law gives some of those powers a solid statutory foundation. In effect it allows the president to identify enemies, imprison them indefinitely and interrogate them -- albeit with a ban on the harshest treatment -- beyond the reach of the full court reviews traditionally afforded criminal defendants and ordinary prisoners.

Read The Full Story

Anyway, "it" is happening right now.  Go and see the movie, take a look at the crowd - and see if what I'm writing here makes sense.  This film is PRECIPITATING the new American War for Independence.
(By the way, folks, if you've been watching the news in the last few days and have seen the coverage of the recent spate of school shootings, you may recognize that there is a new campaign underway to demonize guns and gun owners.  Front Sight is countering, I suspect...)



Out in the open: Abolishing the USA

It isn't a conspiracy if it's being operated out in the open...







One of these days I'll get a scanner. But for now, the important thing is the information, especially what you'll learn at this speech by a real expert on government.

Be there or be square.



Adams County Fair FTAA Campaign - coordination center.


FTAA is still on the front burner, folks, even if you hear something to the contrary. The elites, being aware of public sentiment on the subject - have decided to regroup, to try and flank us with some other deception. This FTAA thing will return in some other guise.

The same goes for CAFTA. We have to stop it and every other attempt to piecemeal together this assault on our national sovereignty.

Have you written your congressman? If not, what the heck are you waiting for?


July 8, 2005

The Conspiracy. It is alive and well in the US Supreme Court, in Congress, in the Subways of London. What am I talking about? The criminal coverup of the "anti-war" left for their totalitarian brethren in Islamistan.

article, here...


The Media: Biggest Lie of all Big Lies

Most Americans know the mainstream media manipulates stories, manufactures illusions, and exploits fears. But the reason is more than just liberal bias or sloppy reporting. Behind the Big News exposes a revolutionary agenda, originating outside the media, that defines today's headlines. This powerful and fast-paced video examines some of the biggest news stories in recent decades to discover how this subversive agenda is promoted. Behind the Big News also reveals an effective strategy to overcome this ongoing assault on American freedom. Available in VHS or DVD formats.

(Video available here:  Behind the Big News )