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Constitutional Rule of Law

Dr. Edwin Vieira's "Constitutional 'Homeland Security', Volume I:  The Nation in Arms"

Always Free

Yes, "Always Free". Semper Liber. But, we may be assuming too much, we may be taking it all for granted, we may not be closely observing the cyclic pattern of history which should this moment be warning us that our nation, as it was founded - is not now free and is becoming even less free every day. (For those of you "in the know", we do realize this is an understatement. If you keep digging into our site, you may find something more up your alley.)

This site is dedicated to examination of the warning signposts that foreshadow the results of different "twists and turns" we've made from our origins, to help develop sufficient understanding of these "twists and turns" and to provide a SOLUTION to this dilemma in the form of a concerted plan of action. We aren't just about identifying the problems, even though that is essential to providing any solutions, but we're first going to make sure you understand the problem, that you identify the correct "target" for our concerted effort. Then, we'll look over current options for dealing with your issues whether they are First Amendment, Second Amendment, Abortion, States Rights or anything else.

Essentially, we'll show that all these issues are linked, that they are not separate and that they stem from a mindset shared by a few who do not believe that the purpose of government is to serve the people, but rather to rule them. We'll show that democracy was never founded on these shores, that it was reviled by many highly-educated leaders in the early history of this nation and that it is the worst thing we could let ourselves fall into. Surprised? Follow the link in the prior sentence to the glossary page, look up democracy, and you will find out why. Then, consider the following:

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who think they are free." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

From here, we'll examine all the things we need to understand for us to be Always Free and what we need to do to secure our liberty into the future. That begins with the distinction between rights and privileges...

We are also in the process of creating some  tools you can use to help us return our nation to the Constitutional Rule of Law which protects minorities from the tyranny of the masses.  You will need both intelligence and practical tools to make this happen.  We have a firing solution application (already working, but in need of update...) and a web-based intelligence design/tool that will enable you to identify the specific SOURCES of the problems we are having.  Go to this link: Agni Direct  to see the software we have been working on for Oath Keeping Law Enforcement, Military and Citizen Soldiers.  The architecture of our government was planned to keep us free and the same principle applies to specifications and requirements in software development.  Let the requirements be written because, "Verba volent, scripta manent".  Words fly away, writings stay behind and the only way for the rule of law - or any set of requirements - to remain is for them to be documented.  We have and will continue to build field-ready, practical software to feed the need for intelligence and other more practical data and calculation tools to maintain national defense. This is also home of Blume Software Engineering LLC a firm dedicated to The Founders' vision of government designed to protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - as well as a true ENGINEERING discipline for creation of solid software products through engineering process with requirements models, "architectural designs and drawings" in the form of UML diagrams - and the traceability from requirements to software artifacts so that our products always meet the needs of our customers, which also provides us the necessary funding for operations.

Semper Liber!