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The relevant part of Article I, section 8:  "To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions."

Ergo, the militia is an institution of the several states - it is to be under the direction of the governor of each state and is a citizen force whose purpose is to uphold the Constitutional Rule of Law.  It is NOT a hate group, a collection of racists and is specifically NOT a terrorist group.  The only people who should fear the militia are miscreant criminals, enemies of the state and foreign invaders.  Unfortunately, this original American institution has been maligned, even demonized, libeled, slandered and castigated, thanks in part to groups whose purpose is NOT to uphold the law, but rather to advance an un-American agenda, an un-Constitutional and therefore illegitimate and possibly illegal design -  who CALL themselves militia but are not. 

Entities and organizations who would not like to see this constitutional institution revitalized - because it would pose a threat to their un-American agendas - seize upon opportunities presented by these illegitimate groups who operate under the color of "milita" to undermine a legitimate American institution enshrined in our founding documents.

Like the phony two-party Hegelian dialectic of "Republican" and "Democrat", both of which are controlled by the same international banking cartel/cabal, we must see through the smoke and mirrors, the propaganda against the militia and come to THE FOUNDERS understanding of that institution which they deemed NECESSARY to the SECURITY of a FREE state. 

Once you come to an understanding that the second amendment is the ultimate expression of self-government, many other half-truths will fall by the wayside as well.

Who is Responsible for the Security of a Free State?

What is so difficult in understanding the concept that we need to uphold the rule of law ourselves? Are our institutions working for us to bring to Justice the TSA screeners at the airports, are the police arresting politicians who are deeply involved in corruption? Doesn't the Constitution provide for the citizens to band together to enforce the Constitution themselves when our institutions fail?  When was the last time anyone was prosecuted for treason?  Isn't it obvious that treason is being committed by our representatives on a daily basis?  Who voted for TARP (bailouts), who just voted for the so-called "Food Safety Modernization Act that would give the totalitarian state complete control over our food, whether we can have a backyard garden or trade our produce with a neighbor?  Who the hell gave CONGRESS the right to say what we can and cannot grow and eat?  Isn't that a clear violation of our right to be secure in our persons, possessions, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures?  Who will uphold the law and try these people for treason?  Or, should we let them control every aspect of our lives until they decide to eliminate us? 

The Constitution does indeed provide a way for citizens to enforce the Constitution itself should our institutions fail. This would be the ultimate expression of self-government, for the citizens to reclaim both the power of the sword and power of the purse, the power of the sword being the power to enforce the laws of the land and the power of the purse being the power to safeguard the public treasury.

Is the Constitution still the supreme law of the land? If not, when was it repealed? If not repealed then why has it lost its force? Why is it being ignored?

It is because YOU THE PEOPLE, each of you individually, have not taken personal responsibility to see that it is enforced, that our government representatives, appointees and contractors are made to comply with the Supreme Law of the Land which is defined in our Constitution. The Constitution itself REQUIRES citizen involvement in their own government, specifically to see that the laws of the land are enforced. The relevant part is in Article I, section 8 of the Constitution  where it tells us our civilian institution must "execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.' That institution is also mentioned in the second of the Articles of Amendment, which are attached to and part of the Constitution.

Is it the job of the general (federal) government to conduct worthless security exercises at points of exit and entry within the several states, using technology that exposes citizens to dangerous levels of radiation, technology that does not work and our military overseas rejects as useless? Our military uses DOGS to check for explosives because the scanners don't work! Can our citizens do any worse than the general government does? Wouldn't it be better for citizens to take care of these security issues as a matter of day-to-day operations when they can do it voluntarily in the course of their day - while simultaneously observing the rights of citizens enumerated in the Bill of Rights, something the fedgov refuses to do because of their corrupt, metastasizing nature?

Aren't these security measures actually under the jurisdiction of the states or even the air carriers? Isn't personal security ultimately an individual responsibility, one of those reponsibilities reserved - like inalienable rights - to the people? What we see right now is a collectivist organization, a government union - putting a totalitarian government police state infrastructure in place. All because the people have never read, much less understood the Constitution of the United States, the specification for the lawful government established in these United States. If they had read and understood our founding documents, they would know that it is WE THE PEOPLE who are responsible for the security of a free state. Government CAN NEVER be put in charge of maintaining a free state because government is FORCE, it is not reason, it is not eloquence and it certainly isn't in the business of providing freedom. To the contrary, government restricts freedom with each and every law it is charged with enforcing. Then, the government of our time - only enforces those laws that comport with it's hidden agenda. Take our open borders for example. Our government doesn't guard our borders because our government is in cahoots with foreign interests who seek the destruction of the United States of America and actively support the erasure of our borders so that they might create a regional, unelected government run by themselves. Citizens who are paying attention to their mis-leaders know this as the North American Union, which is still underway, despite the lies that it has been placed "on hold" or that it doesn't exist in the first place.

There is ONE and ONLY one institution that is named IN THE CONSTITUTION that is NECESSARY to the SECURITY OF A FREE STATE.

That institution is a CIVILIAN institution, composed of non-military and non-mercenary forces that are beholden ONLY to the Constitution and the people whose rights it preserves. The section of the Constitution that specifies that this be a civilian force - treats the army and the navy as separate, so this civilian force IS NOT the National Guard, which is a federal institution.

Read Article I, section 8 and see what that institution is. Also then consider whether Congress is doing its job in calling up that institution - or whether they have sought to subvert it.

Do we have a government of the people BY the people and for the people, or is it a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations and their masters? How would that affect the security of a FREE STATE? Mercantilism and corporatism have been practiced for centuries by various oligarchs who sought total power and control over the state. In modern terms, fascism - also known as mercantilism and/or corporatism - is alive and well and technologically empowered like in no other time in history. Big Brother is here and the boot of totalitarianism is firmly planted on the face of the citizenry - simply because the citizens have shirked their duties, they've abdicated their authority as Constitutionally-required militiamen to prevent it.

What will it be for you? Do you want totalitarianism and an eventual ride to the concentration/death camps? Or, are you willing to reassume your duty to your fellow citizens to secure the blessings of liberty, to secure a free state for yourself and your fellow countrymen? This is your choice and it is before you RIGHT NOW.

NOW is the time. The economy is being imploded - on a global scale - by design. The robber barons perform on a global stage now, and they are looting and impoverishing everyone so that they can turn a free, independent people into a kept, dependent people under authoritarian rule. So, what kind of force will secure our liberties, our inalienable rights when the nation utterly collapses economically and civil unrest ensues? Will general (federal) government forces show up to help people get water, food, supplies and medicine, or will they instead show up in force to suppress the people and then ship them to FEMA "relocation centers" where they can be managed? What will this "management" consist of?

History has shown that when governments collapse, they collapse from corruption and criminal economic activity (i.e. the FED, Goldman Sachs and their cronies in government) and the criminals who do this provide for their own protection. They put a police state in place to protect themselves. "But", you exclaim, "These people ARE the government".

Exactly. They are the government that maintains the people - only insofar as the people exist to SERVE the government. In the United States of America, the government was created to SERVE THE PEOPLE. Well, those days are long past and the criminals who are running the government will resort to DEMOCIDE - BEFORE the people finally wake up (IF they ever wake up) - in order to protect themselves. They have the power, they WILL use it and the people will suffer for it.

YOU have the power to stop a government run amok. The Constitution not only authorizes it, IT DEMANDS IT.

A well-regulated militia , being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

There are efforts underway in a majority of the states of the Union to revitalize the militias which may also be known as state guards or state defense forces. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET INVOLVED with the effort in your state - to reclaim the power of the sword and of the purse. If you don't do this, who will? Who will keep you free? You, or the totalitarian state?

In my observation, asking totalitarians for freedom is pure insanity, assuming the person asking has an I.Q. above that of their shoe size. Yet, most Americans are demanding - from government - that their rights remain intact.  Are they that stupid - or are they completely disconnected from reality?  They are demanding from totalitarians that they remain free - just because they asked nicely.  Does anyone with a brain have any doubt about that outcome?

If we had a civilian force of 10,000 riflemen to back up the officers who would be authorized to serve warrants on the TSA goons at DIA, do you think the TSA would've followed the new guidelines? If the TSA had realized that their new orders would get them arrested for felony sexual assault, would they have groped travelers? If they had realized that irradiating people with a worthless machine that doesn't even work - would be classified as felony assault and battery - would they have put people through the scanners?


If the TSA unit in Denver had realized they would be arrested on an array of felony charges, would they have broken the law?

Probably not, if they knew the law would be enforced.

Did they break the law? Yes.

What law? The Supreme Law of the Land, the United States - and also the Colorado State - constitutions, primarily and specifically the fourth amendments of each.

Are these Constitutions really the Supreme Law of the Land in their assigned jurisdictions?

Yes. Have they been repealed?

No. Therefore they STAND and if you want that to continue, YOU must stand in support of the lawful enforcement of the Supreme Law of the Land even in the face of those who would destroy the Constitutional Rule of Law, usurp power and supplant a government designed to preserve liberty - with another form.

You want to be free? You have to do it yourself, with your fellow Americans, your fellow Coloradoans (substitute your state, hereā€¦) - in spite of the lies the criminals have used to disable you from carrying out your duty as a citizen.

So, are you a citizen or are you a peasant? If you're a peasant, you have no place in this country. The Supreme Law of the Land is clear on the matter.