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This utility is in development.  None of the data are actual.  Additionally, you should expect that I will be rearranging these pages for some time - and overwrite the data as well.  That means that if you put data in now, it may not stay there.

Purpose:  To assemble all known data about enemies of the Constitution - who would therefore also be enemies of the state - so that we might halt their activities by the force of LAW. 

Our jurisdiction is Colorado.  Therefore, we'll want to collect information about entities and activities in Colorado - although their associates may be anywhere on the globe.

Use these controls to view Entities and their Activities

Select4BenSBernankeBankster Don / Globalist
Select5SeanSMillerDenver Police "officer"
Select1WilliamARitterColorado's outgoing governor
Select3David JRockefellerGlobalist

No record available. Try selecting an Entity