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* Eric Blair (George Orwell) wrote in "1984", his well-known primer on English Socialism, about "perpetual war for perpetual peace".  The theory is that there will be perpetual peace at home when the nation is impoverished via perpetual war abroad.  The people will be united in supporting the war effort and they will be convinced that their contribution to the war effort - keeps them safe at home, despite the economic deprivations resulting from a shattered economy that "must be centrally controlled" so that each worker gets his/her share of rations.  Of course, this requires that the people be kept on minimum rations under constant police-state surveillance  - to keep them "focused".   If you haven't read the book or seen the film recently, you should refresh your memory on this warning from "George Orwell".

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The Federal Reserve is NOT Federal, any more than Federal Express.

It was created by private European Banking Gangsters (banksters) who own and control it to this day. 

It was put in place by J.P. Morgan, Nelson Aldrich (A Rockefeller), Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and some others – who also financed Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky in their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  Central banking and control of credit is the fifth plank of the communist manifesto and is necessary for central planning and control of the economy. 

J.P. Morgan’s right-hand man/attorney, John W. Davis was the founding president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  So the banksters were involved with Cecil Rhodes’ and Lord Alfred Milner’s “round table groups” of which the CFR and RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs) were the primary branches – from the inception of the CFR.  The CFR controls most of our foreign policy today – and has always been an “arm” of the banksters. 

What do the Morgans, the Federal Reserve, the banksters, the CFR and the Federal Reserve have to do with OWS?   More importantly, what can citizens do to stop this subversion?

Simply this; in a centrally planned and controlled economy, where the central banks are in the “catbird seat”, they control booms, busts, foreign policy and the Military Industrial Complex.  The Federal Reserve creates money out of THIN AIR and then places the responsibility for the DEBT on the taxpayers.  When financing wars and bailouts, the Federal reserve creates more debt which requires higher interest payments on the growing principle.  Since the people would revolt if taxes became too high too quickly, they do “quantitative easing”, a.k.a. printing fiat currency, to inflate and therefore devalue the dollar, reducing its buying power and causing prices (but not wages) to rise.  This impoverishes the people who then turn to big government for relief. This is the operational rubric under which the OWS ostensibly operates.  This is a deception, of course.

This is also known as “Trotsky’s ‘permanent revolution’” the theory that postulates that you can transform an independent, free people into a dependent, subservient people under authoritarian (totalitarian) rule through "permanent revolution" or "perpetual war"*.  If the central banksters keep enough wars going, they will pile up the national debt to astronomical levels, necessitating the creation of more debt (to pay off the old debt, the current economic policy of the U.S....) which then is “quantitatively eased” through inflation of the money supply – which undermines the currency and causes the people to lose buying power.  The people then will relinquish their rights (which by then they believe to be privileges, issued by the authoritarian state) for a promise of “security” or “safety”.  By using terrorism against it’s own people, an authoritarian state may consolidate yet more power to itself under the guise of providing “more protection” for the people who will abdicate their inalienable rights for that promise and a crust of bread, which they can no longer afford under intense inflationary conditions.  War becomes peace when the public is no longer independent and becomes unable to protest or petition the government for a redress of grievances, they being too poor to consider anything but day-to-day survival – with the usual accompanying breadlines and eventually, Gulags (FEMA camps, anyone?).  The parallels between what's going on with our economy today - and Trotsky's "permanent revolution" are obviously more than a coincidence - and both political parties are pushing this same "program", supporting the same agenda.

Any transfer of wealth to the elites (or transfer of debt to the public) – helps them consolidate power, which is why the debt obligations known as “derivatives” to the tune of 79 Trillion (with a “T”) have been placed under the “protection” of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), a taxpayer-funded insurance program intended to protect PRIVATE deposits of up to $200,000.00 per account.  If the stock market tumbles and Bank of America goes tango uniform, the FDIC will be wiped out and there will be NO GUARANTEE for private depositors and there will be a CASCADE of bank failures, thus placing the populace in total dependency to Big Government (i.e. Big Brother).  The result will be chaos, with bank runs and the shutdown of the entire country. 

The collectivist OWS protestors know this and are attempting to destroy local policing.  They’re doing so by presenting themselves at OWS gatherings for “abuse” which will then be used as the clarion call for a NATIONAL police force to replace these “local, out-of-control” police, thus creating a de-facto Geheime Staatspolizei (GESTAPO) in the U.S.  This will further centralize power in Washington D.C. (District of Criminals) and the call for STRONGER, MORE STRINGENT banking controls (i.e. MORE GOVERNMENT) will ensure the ascendancy of those remaining central banks (which the globalists are using for the next phase of their operation) that will then control the financial (and therefore physical) destiny of the entire population of the nation.  Local police are steadily being absorbed by the general (federal) government through funding, training and mandate (DHS) – under the pretext that the general government should assert local control, due to the abuses of local police - some of whom have been exposed as agents provocateur. The OWS protesters are creating the situation where local police will be made to appear brutish and inept so that the pretext for nationalization will be planted. This is problem/reaction/solution once again.

What we must do – is rally in support for the ELIMINATION of the central bank which is orchestrating the whole OWS show.  So, we must NOT blame the victims of this corrupt ponzi banking scheme who are protesting alongside (but less so every day since the collectivists are taking over…) the collectivist OWS apparatchiks and we should instead support a SEPARATE OTF (Occupy The FED) movement, which is a legitimate, American attempt to petition for a redress of grievances.  The OTF forces should SEPARATE from the OWS crowd and draw a clear distinction between themselves and the collectivist OWS people – who are working FOR THE BANKSTERS.  This will also help those of us who are weak on research skills – to distinguish between legitimate protesters and agents provocateur.  Take this flyer  - and reprints of this article - to an OWS rally near you and distribute them to the so-called "useful idiots" used by the apparatchiks on both sides of this fabricated conflict, both protestors AND police .  Make them aware of their roles in this collectivist, statist "street theater", this "morality play". 

The goal of the banksters – is to reduce us all to a level of poverty where a “white knight” riding a “white horse” may ride in to the rescue – and buy the country up again for pennies on the dollar.  If you know the history of Nathan Rothschild, the Battle of Waterloo and the Rothschild’s “psy-op” to capture the entire British Empire financially, you know that in order to buy a country up at bargain-basement prices, you must first DESTROY that nation’s economy.  That’s what’s going on right now.  Cecil Rhodes’ goal to reunite the U.S. and Great Britain is being done via a hostile financial takeover via his CFR (which controls foreign policy on behalf of the banksters who own and operate the Military Industrial Complex, the Medical Industrial Complex, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Narcotics Industrial Complex and others…) round table group.  The Anglo-American Establishment (CFR/RIIA) is waging the same kind of campaign Nathan Rothschild did against the British Empire, using their creation, the Federal Reserve, the media which J.P. Morgan and Co bought in 1915, both major political parties – and most importantly, the ignorance of the masses.  The task of the Militias?  To educate, to provide an alternative to Big Government, a return to self-rule, done locally under the Rule of Law, not the rule of the banking gangsters who run our corporations (special interests) which have taken over our government.  Give the American people a chance for national sovereignty, independence and government of the people, by the people for the people – and make them understand that the New World Order will be run by the very banksters they are working for if they are calling for higher taxes, more government, more centralized control and a national police state. 

The banksters are crashing the economy and sending their “street troops” (pressure from below) to “Occupy Wall Street” to call for bigger government (pressure from above - ostensibly to “bring Wall Street to justice”, Wall Street itself being a tool of the banksters…). Well, the banksters ARE the government. They are the “Shadow Government” that controls our foreign policy and our central bank and their “street troops” are calling for the elimination of “local, out-of-control police” in favor of a National Police which we’ve experienced before in this world as the “Geheime Staatspolizei” or “GESTAPO”, thus consolidating and centralizing yet more power to the District of Criminals while removing local control. This is the ultimate “false flag” operation; the Banks – which run the corporations which run the government – controlling their own faux opposition, the collectivist OWS. This is classic Cloward-Piven strategy, classic Hegelian Dialectic. Problem/Reaction/Solution, using poverty to transform society.

When our economy completely collapses, the globalist banksters will “ride in” with a new GLOBAL fiat currency system on the pretext that only a global currency will “cure” the “problems” ostensibly created by “unstable” national or regional currencies (like the U.S. Dollar or the “Euro”). They will provide the solution to the problem they themselves created in their quest to consolidate power on a global scale. First, however, they must crash the United States and Europe. We are now in that phase of their operation. Is China, which appears to be offering a “bailout” to Europe the “white knight”?   Who is actually BEHIND China, financing its operations? If you’ve been paying attention, you should be looking for the “fingerprints” of the banksters in this situation as well. Remember once again that Hong Kong was a British colony and that the Anglo-American Establishment nearly conquered all of China with the opium trade – which the banksters are still involved with. Our Marines are right now guarding the opium fields of certain Afghani warlords this very moment because our nation is PART OF the Anglo-American Establishment, as the name implies.

If you still cannot understand what’s going on, you are way, way behind the curve and you will be NO GOOD to anyone, including yourself.  If you suffer from the malady of ignorance – willful or otherwise, REPENT!  If you are what you smoke and you’re a dope…  Quit smoking that dope!  Whatever you need to do, you had better come up to speed, or you will be fighting the wrong war, for war this is, despite the fact it is still on the battlefield of ideas.  If you don’t have a grasp of the ideas you’re fighting against, YOU ARE UNARMED! 

Read G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” and James Perloff’s “The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline”. 

Found this:  Predicting Agents Provocateur

Also:  British lawyers determine Declaration of Independence "[It] was also totally illegitimate and illegal."  Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?

G. Edward Griffin's The Collectivist Conspiracy